“An Untamed Land” by Lauraine Snelling

I recently read “An Untamed Land”, the first book of the series, Red River of the North by Lauraine Snelling.

This book is the story of a Norwegian family who comes to America to settle in the Red River valley in North Dakota (at that time the Dakota Territory) in 1880.  Roald Bjorklund and his son and second wife, Ingebord, along with Roald’s brother Carl and his pregnant wife, Kaaren undertake the long voyage from Norway.  They have planned this trip for a long while.  Roald’s first wife, Anna, would have come with him, but sadly passed away.  Ingebord married Roald mostly to be a mother to five-year-old Thorliff.  Not only is the sea journey of the Bjorklunds’ uncomfortable and hazardous, but the journey from New York to the Dakota Territory was long and filled with problems.

The Dakota Territory was an unforgiving land of promise.  Terrible winter storms raced across the plains and caused many deaths.  The grassland was hard to plow for grain fields and the towns were few and far between.

I really liked this story.  I got so caught up in the family tensions and the good times that I thought I was living them myself.  I cannot imagine four adults, a child and a newborn living in a covered wagon for the trek across half of America, only to then live in a small sod house during the worst of winters.  I think you will find that this story has all the hallmarks of a good read.

I was sent this Kindle book from the publisher, Bethany House, and from NetGalley.com for my honest review.



One thought on ““An Untamed Land” by Lauraine Snelling

  1. “An Untamed Land”, The more you read of this series, the more you want to read of this family. I am on my 10th book now of the series and I don’t want it to end..Lauraine Snelling is an excellent writer the way she brings God and the Bible into the stories, it makes you (me anyway) feel and become more aware that God is right there with you, and all the trials they must go through, in a new land with only the land, a river and trees and their faith in God.. she pulls your Heart and you, right into the story, til you feel you are experiencing their dream and heartaches with them. The story and people are all fiction but—-in truth it helps us to understand what our ancestors had to go through to get to where we are today..I hate for it to end!!


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