“The Marrying Season” by Candace Camp

I have read many books by Candace Camp over the years.  The latest is “The Marrying Season.”  This novel takes you back to England when the “ton” ruled the social life of the elite.  There were many rules of etiquette, things that were looked upon with favor and actions that could cause you to be shunned for life by the other members of the ton.  This is the story of one such event.  Genevieve Stafford was a member of one of the most prestigious families in London.  She is considered cold and icy by most of the gentleman members of the ton.  She is engaged to a foppish twit that seems to make her grandmother happy, but it not that keen on marrying the idiot.  A friend of her brother, Lord Rawden, is in the city and they are both present at a social occasion.  She is given a note, supposedly by Miles, the friend, to meet him in the library.  She thinks nothing of it and goes to meet him.  Of course this action is highly forbidden by the ton and she is ruined, her engagement broken.  In order to save her honor, Miles asks for her hand in marriage.  The resulting union is full of misunderstandings and farcical events as they try to make a go of this marriage.  Of course, there are the rakes and harlots to contend with.  If you are a fan of sensuous romances you will like this book.  The heroine is quite devilish and acts without thinking quite frequently which adds a humorous touch to the plot.   The ending is very unexpected and worth reading until the end.

This book was published by Simon and Schuster, Inc.

I received a free print copy of this book in return for my honest review of the novel.


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