“A Medal for Murder” by Frances Brody

“A Medal for Murder” by Frances Brody, published by Minotaur Books was quite a surprise for me.  It’s a British murder novel set in 1920’s England, with more twists and turns than a country road.  I hope that Ms. Brody writes more of these novels because I thoroughly enjoyed this one.  I will look for others that she’s written.  Kate Shackleton is a widow who has formed a partnership of sorts with a former British policeman, Jim Sykes.  Mrs. Shackleton looks for missing persons, or loot stolen in a robbery.  This time she and Jim are sleuthing, looking for booty that has been stolen from a pawnbroker and for the perpetrator of the crime.  Kate goes to Harrogate to search for the stolen merchandise and to visit a mutual friend of a friend who has written a play.  She stays with Meriel in her flat that is part of a house owned by an old army captain and his granddaughter.  Of course, a murder occurs and Kate finds the body.  There are more characters and suspects in this book than I can write about, but trust me, each one is unique and quite necessary to the story.  I just had to keep reading so that I could try to figure out who the murderer was.  I never knew until the last page and then I still wondered if they caught the real murderer.

I received a free print copy of this book from the publisher, Minotaur Books for Night Owl Reviews in return for my honest review.


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