“Brush of Angel’s Wings” by Ruth Reid

“Brush of Angel’s Wings” by Ruth Reid was a different kind of Amish novel.  Rachel Hartzler  makes her parents despair of her every marrying because she cannot cook, cannot keep house, in fact she really doesn’t like the fact that all Amish women are supposed to be domesticated and able to care for a husband and family.  She would rather muck out the barn and plow a field with her father.  However, she is of the age when she should become a young lady and not a farm hand.

Rachel’s father hires a young Amish/Englisher, Jordan Engles, to help him on his farm.  Rachel does not like this and is not very nice to him.  She thinks that he is there to take her dead brother, James’ place.  Jordan’s mother was Amish, but was shunned after marrying his father.  Jordan has not seen his father since he was very young.  He doesn’t know which world he belongs in, but stays to help Micah, Rachel’s father.

I do believe in angels, in fact I have two guardian angels of my own, but for some reason the struggle between good and evil, the angel Nathanial and the dark angel Tangus, does not add to this story.  I recognize that this is the reason for the appearance of Nathaniel and Tangus, but the fact that the reader is the only one to realize their existence in the story is a little disconcerting.

I would recommend reading this novel, however it is not one of my favorite Amish stories.  I received a free Kindle copy of this book in return for my honest review from the publisher, Thomas Nelson and NetGalley.com. The opinions expressed here are my own.


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