“A Convenient Bride” by Cheryl Ann Smith

“A Convenient Bride” by Cheryl Ann Smith is one novel in the School for Brides Romance Series.  I have also read “the Scarlet Bride”.   I thought this book was really very good and held my interest throughout.  It was a fast read, maybe because I wanted to see how the end came out, so I stepped up the pace a bit.

Lord Richard Ellerby is in search of his sister Anne and Brenna Harrington is desperate to find a husband before her father and brother make her marry a man of their choosing and not hers.  Lord Richard and Brenna’s father are friends from way back.  Richard stopped Brenna’s coach, looking for Anne.  This gives Brenna a great idea.  She asks Richard to compromise her so that he has to marry her and she can escape the plans her father has for her.  This would be so simple, if not for the fact that Brenna doesn’t take “no” for an answer.  That and the murders of young women in the area make for a very interesting story.

I would recommend this book.  I enjoyed reading it very much and found it hard to put down.  I received a free print copy of this book in return for my honest review from the publisher, Penguin Books and Night Owl Reviews.  The opinions expressed here are my own.


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