“Manna from Hades”, by Carola Dunn

“Manna from Hades”, by Carola Dunn is a light-hearted mystery set in the Cornwall countryside.  Eleanor Trewynn has worked overseas with her husband for years.  After his sudden death, Eleanor retires to the village of Port Mabyn.  She lives in the second floor of her home and provides the downstairs for a charity shop.  She scouts the countryside for items that can be provided to the unfortunate in the community.  On one of her treks, she returns with a car full of items.  She discovers a briefcase that she did not remember having.  She opens the case and finds if full of jewelry, so she puts it in her safe in her living quarters thinking that whoever left the briefcase did so by mistake and will return for his jewels.  Eleanor feels a bit puzzled by this find, but decides that whomever it belongs to will miss is and eventually it will find its rightful owner.

Her little dog, Teazle discovers a body one morning as she is opening up the shop.  She thinks she recognizes him, but upon further determination, finds that he is a stranger.  Of course the local constabulary is called and they begin their investigation.  Detective Sergeant Megan Pencarrow is Eleanor’s niece and along with Detective Inspector Scumble and of course Eleanor, they try to find out who the murdered man is, why he was murdered and who did it.

If you like the British way of speaking and going about the day, you will enjoy this mystery.  I found it to be a light-hearted murder mystery, full of suspects and intrigue.

I received a free print copy of this book from Minoaur Books and Night Owl Reviews in return for my honest review.


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