“The Devil’s Own Desperado” by Linda J. Cox

“The Devil’s Own Desperado” by Linda J. Cox was a really good book.  I thought it might be just a bit sappy before I got into it, but I was mistaken.  Amelia (Amy) and her brother Saul and sister Jenny were living alone on the Wyoming frontier when Colt Evans, a shootist,  literally stumbles upon their cabin, shot and in need of help.  Amelia, Saul and Jenny have been left as orphans because of the shooting death of their parents.  Amelia is determined to see that Colt lives and nurses him back to health against the admonitions of the doctor and the Marshall of the town.  Colt does not want to bring problems to these people, and tries to leave, but his injuries force him to stay.  The longer he is with them, the more he cares about what happens to Amelia.  He becomes a surrogate father to Saul and helps Jenny to trust.

When bad men find him and cause harm to Amy, Colt decides to leave even though he and Amy have found love.  Amy does not want him to leave and is willing to pull up stakes and move with him somewhere that gunmen won’t know who Colt is and where they will be safe.  Because he loves this family so much, Colt leaves them in safety.

A year passes and Colt is set upon and ambushed by gunmen intent on his death.  He is shot, but finds his way back to the McCollister farm, where he is tended again by Amy and her brother and sister.  You will like this story of Colt and Amy.  It is a sweet romance and one that I very much enjoyed.

I received a free Kindle copy of this book for my honest review from the publisher. The opinions expressed here are my own.


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