“Rosemary Opens Her Heart” by Naomi King

“Rosemary Opens Her Heart” by Naomi King I another of my Amish novels.  For some reason I gravitate towards this kind of book.  Rosemary Yutsy is a young widow with a daughter who lives with her father-in-law and keeps house for him.  Even though her husband Joe died at a young age, Rosemary wears black and somber colors to reflect her grief.  After her father-in-law, Titus, decides to sell his farm, move and join forces with Matt to raise sheep in a neighboring county.  Matt Lambright is more than casually interested in Rosemary and her daughter Kathie.  He is ready to find a wife and settle down.  He is unusually handsome and kind, so there are quite a few young women who pay attention to him even though it’s obvious that he cares for Rosemary.  This story follows the life of Rosemary as she realizes that she needs to start living again; and the life of Matt who has demons of his own to worry about, but needs to find a good woman and settle down at long last.  This book wasn’t so sappy sweet that you throw it down in disgust, but it tells the tale at a relatively slow pace, with ample time for her to meet and fall in love.

I received Kindle book at no charge from the publisher in return for my honest review.


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