“A Prescription for Love” by Callie Hutton

“A Prescription for Love” by Callie Hutton did not start out to be one of my favorite stories.  I am not particularly in tune with novels about weak women and I was sure this book would be that.  Heidi Lester runs away from her overprotective parents and her not-so-wonderful fiancé to try to make it on her own.  Having had asthma all her life, Heidi just wants to be able to care for herself, get a job, find a place to live and prove to herself that she can do it.  She gets a job as a clerk in Michael Henderson’s pharmacy.  Michael is familiar with the disease of asthma and has a few ideas about how to treat it.  He helps Heidi overcome her weakness and provides her with the emotional support to finally break away from a stifling parental relationship.  Along the way, she finds out just what sort of man Mr. Clarence Manfred, her fiancé, is and why he is so interested in marrying her when it is obvious that he can’t stand her.

Although this book dwells on the results of asthma in the life of a young girl, there are many light-hearted moments too.  I laughed out loud at some of the dialogue and situations.  I think you will enjoy this story by Callie Hutton.

I received a free kindle copy of this book for my honest review from the publisher. The opinions expressed here are my own.


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