“Return to Willow Lake” by Susan Wiggs

“Return to Willow Lake” by Susan Wiggs was a quick read for me.  I very much enjoyed the premise of the story.  Sonnet returns to her childhood home for the marriage of her step-sister.  While there she runs into an old friend who has never left willow Lake.  He has a reputation as being a “bad boy” from his boyhood days.  Sonnet and Zach really have more than a friendship.  They are best friends and have fallen in love in their young years.  Sonnet is loath to accept Zach’s intentions because she has the “perfect” boyfriend to whom she was introduced by her political aspiring father.  As the story progresses, you can see just how devoted this “perfect” guy is and how right Zach is for her.  Sonnet’s mother is pregnant with a high risk baby and then finds out she has cancer.  Sonnet comes home from her rat race life and winner of a fellowship, to stay with her mother until she is well and has the baby.  This puts her right in Zach’s line of vision.  This is a story of coming home to that which is really what matters the most in life.  I very much enjoyed this novel.

I received a free print copy of this book for my honest review from the publisher. The opinions expressed here are my own.


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