“Becoming Clementine” by Jennifer Niven

Wow!  I just finished a barn-burner of a book.  “Becoming Clementine” by Jennifer Niven is a wonderful book set in England and France during World War II during the summer of 1944.  It’s the story of a WASP (Women Air-Force Service Pilots), Velva Jean Hart who ferried a B-17 Flying fortress to Britain from The United States.  Her other mission is her own.  Her brother Johnny Clay Hart is supposed to be in Britain and she is bound and determined to find him.  So that she can stay in Britain, she volunteers to copilot a plane carrying special agents to a drop in France.  However their plane is shot down.  She and five agents survive the crash, but are behind enemy lines.  Velva Jean is then taken into the counterintelligence unit and changes her name to Clementine.  Their mission is to capture an operative working in France.  Velva Jean not only changes her name to Clementine, she becomes Clementine.  After a harrowing journey into Paris and moving from one safe house to another, she is eventually captured by the Germans and put into prison.   I am fascinated by any story with a WWII background, so I looked forward to reading this book.  I think it’s probably the best book I’ve read with this wartime background.  I almost sat on the edge of my seat reading this because it is full of suspense and downright fear.  I don’t know how any of these courageous people did their jobs during that war.  There was danger everywhere; you could trust no one and you had no idea where you could find safe shelter.  You will love this book if you like wartime dramas.

I received a free print copy of this book for my honest review from the publisher. The opinions expressed here are my own.


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