“The Last Renegade” by Jo Goodman

“The Last Renegade” by Jo Goodman was a page-turner for sure.   It begins on a train traveling through 1888 Wyoming Territory where a man is murdered.  Kellen Coltrane just happens to be on the same train and helps the victim, Nat Church.  Or was it pure happenstance that Nat Church and Kellen Coltrane on that same train?  This thought ran through my head all the while reading this novel.  Lorraine (Raine) Berry, the “Widder” Berry has sent for help to rid her town Bitter Springs, from the clutches of the Burdicks.  Men have been murdered, families torn apart by the strangle-hold the Burdicks have on the residents of Bitter Springs.  “Nat Church” is the hero of many western novels.  Was the real Nat Church murdered on that train?  Is Nat Church a real person?  What connection does Kellen Coltrane have with Nat Church?  Then there are the romantic entanglements throughout the book.  There are so many undercurrents running through the pages of this novel that it’s really hard to put the book down for long.  Will Kellen be able to take care of the Burdicks and make Bitter Springs safe?  Be prepared for surprises throughout this book.  I guarantee you will find this an interesting read.  I give it five stars!

I received a free copy of this book for my honest review from the publisher.  The opinions expressed here are my own.


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