“Sombody to Love” by Kristan Higgins

I really enjoyed the book “Sombody to Love” by Kristan Higgins.  Without giving too much away, I thought that the story was wonderfully romantic.  Parker Harrington Welles, a single mother, never married, and heiress to lots of money is also a children’s book author.  Her parents are divorced. Her father is not a very nice man and her mother has a habit of attracting husbands.  Harry, the father, and his minions irritate Parker no end.  Her father’s attorney, James Cahill, alias Thing One (to Parker) is very intriguing.  The story really begins when Parker finds out that her father has defrauded investors in an SEC scam.  He has lost all his money and the money that was left in trust for his daughter and her son, Nickey.  Parker and Nickey are virtually penniless and homeless.  However there is a bright spot in that her great aunt has left her a cottage on the Maine coast.  It’s a bright spot until she actually SEES this property, which is really mess.  James comes to Maine to help her clean it up and put it on the market so that she will at least have some money to raise her son.  This is where the story really gets interesting.  The characters in this small town in Maine are worth reading about.  James is really a very nice man with secrets of his own.  I found myself really getting irritated with Parker and the way she treats James.  The give and take continues throughout the whole novel.  I did like this book, and I read it in two days.  I think the best part about this story is that everyone got what was coming to him or her.  I like stories that end this way.

I received a free copy of this book for my honest review from the publisher.  The opinions expressed here are my own.


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