“The Mad Lord’s Daughter” by Jane Goodger

“The Mad Lord’s Daughter” by Jane Goodger was a most interesting book to read.  It seems that Melissa has been locked away in her suite of rooms her whole life by a father who was scared to death that his daughter would contract some disease and perish as her mother had done years before.  Picture this, in this day and age, that a young woman would go into the world never having been exposed to any interaction with persons other than her parent, servants and tutors.  She may have been taught the correct things to say and the proper ways to act, but was never in a position to use what she learned.  How debilitating would this be, when after the parent dies, she is forced into the world and worse than that, forced to find a husband who would take care of her as she has no way of providing for herself.  I found this fact the most interesting part of the book.  Nevermind the romantic situations of the characters in the novel, the way they interact and live, this was the foremost thing I thought about throughout the book.  What would I have done in that situation?  This I found fascinating.  I think you’ll like reading this story.  I also think you’ll like the ending, which I won’t even hint about in this review.  Just read the book and see what you find is the main reason to keep turning the pages.

I received a free copy of this book for my honest review from the publisher.  The opinions expressed here are my own.



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