“Hiding in Plain Sight” by Amy Wallace

“Hiding in Plain Sight” by Amy Wallace tells the story of Ashley who has come to a small town called Montezuma to enjoy life at a slower, quieter pace.  She was a detective for the Atlanta city police force and now is a deputy sheriff for this small town.  She doesn’t know that many people, but has met an older lady, Emma, who treats her like a daughter; Patrick, a psychologist who may be a love interest; and Jonathan, a Mennonite man who is in town to help his aunt and cousin.  There are developers in town who want to invigorate the area with new shops, new ideas and liven up the place.  There are factions in town who do not want to change their serene surroundings and who do not want to sell their property in order that change can come.  Through a series of seemingly “accidental” events, where people are getting hurt, fires are claiming property and all are suspicious of each other, especially Jonathan’s 13-year-old cousin, Bradley, who has been caught doing mischief before.  Ashley cannot let these happenings go and is determined to find out who is causing the damages and destruction.  She puts herself in danger and pulls Patrick and Jonathan into the drama also.   It takes a catastrophe where Patrick, Jonathan and Bradley are all injured before the protagonist is brought to justice.

This is a good read and keeps the reader’s interest throughout.  I found myself staying up later than I should trying to finish is and find out who the culprit is.

I received this e-book for free from the publisher for this review.

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