“A City of Broken Glass” by Rebecca Cantrell

A City of Broken Glass is the fourth in the “Hannah Vogel” series of books by Rebecca Cantrell.  This is the story of Hannah, who has many aliases, who is trying to get out of pre-war Berlin, along with her son.  She is on the Gestapo’s list as a spy.  She is an investigative reporter for a newspaper in Switzerland who was sent to do a story on a saint’s celebration in Zbaszyn, Poland.  She stumbles upon the deportation of German Jews to Poland and tries to help find a little girl who was left behind.  She is kidnapped by Gestapo and transported back into Berlin where her life is in great danger.  She escapes her captors and the story continues as she tries to get her son, herself and her SS contact out of Berlin before the Gestapo catch up with her.  The ending takes place during Kristallnacht which is considered the beginning of the Holocaust by some.  I was so enthralled with this story that I couldn’t stop reading until I was finished.  I was kept on the edge of my seat by the danger always lurking around the corner as I devoured this story.  I wish that I had read the first three novels before this one.  I don’t think it will diminish my enjoyment of those because I read this last one first if the plot of those novels is as deep as this book.  I congratulate Rebecca Cantrell for providing a historical novel that keeps mostly true to events as they happened during that hellish time in Berlin.  I heartily recommend this book to anyone, especially those who enjoy looking back to that time in history.

I received this e-book for free from the publisher for this review.

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