“Material Witness” by Vannetta Chapman

“Material Witness” by Vannetta Chapman is a Shipshewana Amish Mystery.  I don’t know why I enjoy the books about the Amish and Mennonites so much.  Maybe it’s because of the simple lifestyle and non-violent aspects of their faith.  “Material Witness” is a really good murder mystery.  I live in Indiana and am familiar with Shipshewana and the area of northern Indiana so I can identify with the story a little more than I would otherwise.  Callie, an Enslischer, Deborah, Melinda and Esther, Amish women are best friends who seem to always be involved in some sort of mystery “who-dunnit”.  The three Amish friends are married with children who are occasionally pulled into the drama.  Callie has a sort-of relationship with Shane Black who is a detective with the Shipse police.  I can tell you that I was so intrigued with this story that I read this book in one day.  There were so many suspects in my own mind that I just had to find out who the perpetrator of the crimes was.  I cannot further comment on the story line because it might give away the ending and believe me, you will want to read until you find out what happens.  Good book!

This book was a free Advanced Reading Copy from the publisher for review purposes.


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