“Always in My Heart” by Kayla Perrin

“Always in My Heart” by Kayla Perrin was not my first choice of a great book.  Sisters Callie, with son Kwame in tow, Natalie and Deanna are together in their hometown of Cleveland after a long estrangement for the funeral of their aunt who acted as their surrogate mother when their own mother abandoned them.  No one knew about 9 year old Kwame because Callie left town when she learned that she was pregnant.  In the ensuing years, she made a new life for herself and her son.  Kwame’s father Nigel, did not know he had a son.  Callie’s intention was to remedy this situation and give Kwame and Nigel a chance to get to know each other.  She wasn’t sure how the situation would resolve itself because after seeing Nigel again, Callie knew she was still in love with him.  However, Nigel couldn’t get past the idea that Callie left him and didn’t tell him about their son.  This story had a lot of back-and-forth.  I really got tired of the whole thing and also the dialogue.  It was evident that they would finally get back together, but there was so much resistance on both parts that I didn’t have any sympathy for either one.  I would probably give the book two stars on a five star rating system.  Just the fact that I finished it rates it that high.


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