“Accidental Bride” by Denise Hunter

“The Accidental Bride” by Denise Hunter was an enjoyable read.  However, the premise of the story, that Shay and Travis McCoy, high school sweethearts were acting in a mock marriage as a part of a reenactment of times past but in reality the marriage was legal after a fourteen year lapse is ludicrous.  Down-on-her-luck Shay was left at the altar, so to speak, by Travis during their teenage elopement.  Travis wanted to be a rodeo star.  Shay ends up marrying someone else, has a child, the husband leaves her.  Then he dies, leaving the field wide open for Travis.  However she wants none of this.  She is a headstrong woman who doesn’t trust Travis.  Travis is trying to make up for all the mistakes he’s made with Shay and wants to be married to her in reality.   This story just goes back and forth with Shay being stubborn and Travis being all sweet.  I’m not sure how much I liked this book.  At least it didn’t take any brain power to read and understand it.  If you want a light read, then this is for you.


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