“Beloved Enemy” by Al Lacy

I love history, especially Civil War history.  Beloved Enemy by Al Lacy is a wonderful historical romance set in the beginning of the Civil War.  Mr. Lacey sets the story around the inauguration of President Abraham Lincoln and the events following.  This is the story of Jenny Jordan who is a receptionist at the Capitol building.  Her father, a hero in the Mexican War, has been named an advisor to the Senate Military Committee.  Colonel Jordan is also the head of a Confederate spy ring, along with Rose Greenhowe, who uses young ladies as spy couriers.  Jenny has fallen in love with a Northern soldier, Buck Brownell.  Buck is quickly advanced in the military for his bravery under battle.  Beloved Enemy begins as the First Battle of Bull Run is being contemplated by both forces.  The interesting aspect of the Civil War is that the forces were so close together.  Washington, D.C. and the southern state of Virginia were right next to each other.  Sympathies ran high for both sides in those states bordering the north-south division.  Interesting also is the fact that the First Battle of Bull Run was viewed as a spectator event by those in Washington who took picnic baskets and wanted to make a day excursion of viewing the battle.  They had to run for home when the Northern soldiers were routed by the Confederates.  The author provided many little side stories that could have taken place during this battle.  Colonel Jordan tries to persuade his daughter to join the spy ring, even though the punishment is death by firing squad no longer than 48 hours after capture.  You’ll have to read the book to find out how Jenny responded to her father’s requests and also to find out if love can  truly exist between two opposing political foes.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Mulnomah Publishing Group for this review.


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