“Hunter’s Heart” by Laurel Natale

“Hunter’s Heart” by Laurel Natale is a book of romance, suspense and intrigue set in the Old West. Kate Melrose and her brother Toby and their big wolfhound are being pursued by unknown men for unknown reasons. Thankfully a good looking stranger Jake comes along at just the right time to help them get away. The three, Jake, Kate and Toby travel across the southwest on their way to Phoenix and Yuma, followed by three unsavory characters for reasons unknown to Kate and Toby. Also unknown to them is the ulterior motive Jake has for sticking with them on their journey. The three of them get into many dangerous situations along the way. Jake and Kate are drawn to each other from the first meeting and their relationship continues to grow as they trail along. The reasons for the pursuit become evident towards the end of the story. The author is very descriptive, writing eloquently about the scenery that is displayed along the trail. I very much enjoyed reading this book. Although the plot is one that has probably been used often in romance stories of the west, this author puts a little different spin on it. I found myself reading way past my bedtime to try to discover just what was going on with the characters. I will be looking for other books by Ms. Natale.


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