“The Search” by Shelley Shepherd Gray

The Secrets of Crittenden County, Book Two is called “The Search”, written by Shelley Shepard Gray.  This book is a sequel to the first book of the series, “Missing”.  I really enjoyed this book.  It is set in a little eastern Kentucky town in the midst of Crittenden County.  The characters are a mix of Amish, Mennonite and “Englischers”.  In the first book, a young Amish man goes missing and is found dead.  The sheriff calls for help from an old friend, Luke, who is recovering from bullet wounds, sustained in his work as a detective with the Cincinnati police.  During the investigation we are treated to many different story lines.  I really enjoy the give and take among the various characters and the suspense that comes from trying to determine who committed the crime and also who would become romantically involved before the end of the story.  The sequence of books, “Missing”, “The Search”, and the next book in the series, “Found”.  Each book definitely leads to the next and you are bound to read the next one just to find out “the rest of the story”.  I am eagerly awaiting the next book.  I hope to find out what happened to the young man and if a crime was committed, who did it.  We’ll also find out who lived happily ever after, I hope.  I think you’ll like this series published by Harper Collins.


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