“Willow Vale” by Althea Williams

I thought this book was really wonderful.  It had everything.  I especially liked that it was set after the World War 1.  Francesca and little girl and second husband left the old country of Austria/Italy to find a new life in America.  She was sold to that man by her father who had no way to feed his large family.  Francesca’s marriage was abusive and I was relieved when she was widowed.  The rest of the story tells of her life after this event.  She answers an ad for a housekeeper, but doesn’t tell the rancher that she is expecting and also has a little girl.  I had so much sympathy for the rancher.  Lungs damaged from yellow gas in the war, his wife left him because he couldn’t give her everything she wanted.  Francesca and Kent were meant for each other.  It just took them a long time to figure it out and to admit it to one another.  This book has plenty of adventure and heart.  The author really captured the struggle between these two and made the story full of heartfelt moments.  I highly recommend this book.


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